How to Grow Long Eyelashes?

Are you satisfied with the length of your eyelashes? If the answer is no, you can keep reading this blog. Most women aren’t happy with the current state of their lashes, and they desire to grow long eyelashes.

Below is the proven ways to achieve longer, stronger, natural eyelashes. Some may you already known, some may not.

Take your makeup off.
If you sleep with makeup on, that will actually doing harm to your eyelashes. Dried mascara doesn’t allow your eyelashes to breath, and can lead to natural lash breakage.

Massage your eyelids
This method actually helps. Eyelashes grow out of hair follicles along eyelids. Like any hair follicle of your body, lash follicles can become damaged and even stop producing hair. Just using your fingertips, then gently massage along your lash line. The massage will help activate any inactive lash follicles, leading to more overall lash growth.You can do this before bed.

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