Eyelash Growth FAQs

To get longer, fuller and thicker lashes, women usually turn to over the counter cosmetics like careprost eyelash serum to stimulate eyelash follicles. These products are easy to apply — just brush it on our eyelid and wait to see the results. If you are interest in these product, the next step is answering the following questions before ordering serums online.

(1)How does the serum you choose actually work ? What’s the active ingredients proved to increase eyelash length ? Is there anything in the serum that might cause unknown side effects ? I Whether the serum contains the substance causing an allergic?

(2)How to apply the serum ? Some eyelash growth serum are applies with liquid drops, while others are just applied directly on the eyelids or brushed on the eyelash ? It is necessary to find out the best way to apply this product for the best results.

(3)When will result be seen? Does it happen within days or few weeks ? Results may vary among different customers, you are advised to talk with product supplier to get the detailed information.

(4) How long can a product be used ? Compare the length of use against the price of the product to determine which is the best deal for your money.

(5) No matter where you would place an order, retail store or online store, you should focus on the question — is there a money-back guarantee ? Please read the policy before ordering.

Only get enough information about eyelash serum, can you better to choose the right product for yourself.

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