Careprost Help Enhance Lashes

Use applicator to apply careprost eye drop on upper lashes line with thin brush attached to long applicator. Its use is close to use of eyeliner. On top of that, careprost drop absorbs in skin almost immediately and active substances are being activated and strengthen lashes. Effectiveness of careprost is a merit of nourishing substances that penetrate skin and are being delivered directly to bulbs. That impacts eyelashes length, thickness and colour.

Careprost is one of few eyelash enhancer available on the market with fully effective and safe ingredients. Many years of research and laboratory tests confirmed that careprost is the best way to enhance eyelashes growth. Its ingredient is enriched with eyebright extract to eliminate irritations and calm eye area.

Opinions about Careprost are almost 100% positive. Consumers research indicate that careprost eye drop is considered to be one of the best alternatives for eyelash extensions. Consumers underline the fact that it is much safer, more affordable and most of all more effective way.

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