Bimatoprost is currently approved for the listing of two brands, namely Lumigan and Latisse. Lumigan is considered to be the strongest local anti-glaucoma drugs, which was approved by the FDA in 2001 for local ophthalmic preparations. Latisse is the world's only FDA-certified eyelash hyperplasia. Clinical trials have shown that it makes eyelashes longer and more dense, but prescription drugs.

Does bimatoprostin completely cure male hormone alopecia?the answer is negative. Although the final results have not yet been published, it is foreseeable that the probability of complete cure for male hormone alopecia is negligible. One thing is certain: the future bimatoprost will be the strongest opponent of minoxidil, excluding price and cost of treatment factors, or may completely replace minoxidil.

Pimatoprost prospects: earlier, the British Bradford University study found that bimatoprost or can help the hair grow, to solve hair loss problems. And preliminary experiments on human hair, found that hair in just nine days between the increase of one-third. Bimatoprost may stimulate intercellular signaling pathways and cause keratinocyte production to increase hair growth, as well as melanocytes produce hyperpigmentation. Bimatoprost is not only temporary to keep hair longer in the early stages of hair growth, it is actually at the cellular level to alter scalp biology and paracrine signals (cell cell communication), which may eventually increase the protection of DHT. Previous trials were very optimistic.

  • Oct 23, 2017
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