Pilaprost is considered to be the strongest local anti-glaucoma drug that is currently the most effective for reducing IOP, and is effective for both normal and POAG and OHT patients and is mainly used in patients who can not tolerate other drops of IOP or use other POOPs OHT patients.

According to a review and comparison of the results, bimatoprost, when compared with latanoprost, was associated with greater mean reductions in IOP, greater mean increases in the percentage of patients demonstrating target IOP, and greater response rates. The differences between drugs were not always statistically significant. Overall, the between-group differences in mean IOP ranged from 0 to 1.5 mm Hg. 

In 92% of the IOP measurements, the mean IOP was lower among patients given bimatoprost than among those given latanoprost; in the remaining 8%, the IOP reduction was equal. Transient, mild conjunctival hyperemia was the most frequently reported adverse effect associated with either drug, but it occurred more frequently with bimatoprost.

  • Jul 26, 2017
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