Eyelashes grow in the eyelid front lips, arranged in 2-3 lines, short and curved. Upper eyelid eyelashes and long, usually 100-150 root, the average length of 8-12mm, slightly upward bending above the top of the growth. Most people on the upper eyelid tilt, open eyes under the state of view, men are 110 degrees -130 degrees accounted for 79.8%, eyes closed state of 140 degrees -160 degrees accounted for 83.5%, women and men are roughly the same, eyelashes have protection effect,want long and strong eyelashes, can use bimatoprost eyelash growth product.

Lower eyelid eyelashes short and less, about 50-75 root, length of about 6-8mm, slightly forward and down the song. Male lower eyelid eyelashes when the head level of 100 degrees -120 degrees, women 10 degrees smaller than men.

When the eyes closed, the upper and lower eyelashes are not intertwined. Upper and lower eyelid central eyelashes longer, more, the shortest inner canthus. Eyelashes hair follicle is rich in nerves, so the eyelashes are very sensitive, touch eyelashes can cause blink of an eye reaction. Hair follicles around the sweat glands and sebaceous glands, their drainage tube openings in the eyelash hair follicles.

The color of the eyelashes is generally darker than the hair, and it is not white because of old age (occasionally visible several old eyelashes), but also due to a disease, such as albinism, made of white.

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