Eyelash is fragile, slender, sparsely populated, why still lose eyelash?Such as some bad living habits, often rub eyes, eye fatigue, and drugs.What products can keep eyelashes beauty and long?The answer is that Bimatoprost.

Thirty-seven subjects completed the study, one patient was eliminated due to conjunctivitis at the beginning of treatment, two patients developed conjunctivitis after 6 months of treatment, and a fourth did not follow directions. Researchers evaluated patients’ eyelash growth every 4 months. We observed complete growth in 24.32%, moderate growth in 18.91%, slight growth in 27.02% and without response in 29.72%.

Conclusion:Bimatoprost may be effective and safe in the treatment of eyelash AA. 43.24% of the patients had an acceptable cosmetic response (total and moderate growth).


  • May 16, 2017
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