What is bimatoprost? why it can reduce pressure inside the eye in its eye drops?And n 2001 the FDA approved ilocal eye ophthalmic preparation,It is used in cosmetic,and help eyelash growth strong and curl and long.

Bimatoprost may stimulate intercellular signaling pathways and cause keratinocyte production to increase hair growth, as well as melanocytes produce hyperpigmentation. Bimatoprost is not only temporary to keep hair in the early stages of hair growth longer, it is actually at the cellular level to change the scalp biology and paracrine signals (cell cell communication), which may eventually increase the protection of DHT. Previous trials were very optimistic.

Bimatoprost has obvious side effects (mainly dark circles, iris darkening, black eyelids, etc.), but mostly reversible. Compared with other anti-drug, bimatoprost listed more than a decade has not had a frightening safety report and class action.


  • Feb 28, 2017
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