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As we all know eyelashes do great work in protecting dust or dirt from hurting our eyes. On the other side, with longer eyelashes, your eyes seem more stunning and charming. People are devote in looking for the best ways to improve appearance of eyelashes. Careprost is just an effective product, and most women used careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution as a cosmetic product to enhance the beauty of eyes. More and more users claimed that this product help them regrew naturally longer, thicker and darker eyelashes in few weeks.
Careprsot Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is easy to use, just apply this serum along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes gently. To get the maximum effect of eyelash growth, Careprost eye drop 0.03% should be applied continually for 12-16 weeks, Generally speaking, difference can be seen in 4 weeks, and the complete result can be seen in 16 weeks, then you can use it once or twice a week to maintain the effect. Once you stop using careprost, your eyelashes will return the original length.
Careprost Bimatoprost Serum can also be used to treat glaucoma. This is also the reason for bimatoprost discovered to increase eyelash size and length. If you decide to buy careprost online for glaucoma treatment, highly recommend you to consult your doctor for professional advice.
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Long and rich eyelashes give the eyes of every woman a special charm. But what should you do if false eyelash extensions are not fashionable and only natural length and beautiful curve are now highly estimated?

Anyone may use Careprost for the eyelashes growth. The drug is safe, gives visual effect of the eyelashes growth which is confirmed by the buyers from different countries. The remedy for the eyelashes growth Careprost has, may be said, appeared accidentally when studying the side effects of bimatoprost the increased growth of the eyelashes was fixed during the regular use of the medicine.

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